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Adding Realtime voice and video to IBM collaboration SOLUTIONS
Give employees anywhere access to their content, their co-workers, and their customers. Introducing Ribbon's Realtime Connections Client – the anywhere communications tool that brings together cloud PBX and video services with the power of IBM Connections – all delivered from our Kandy Business Solutions Cloud. 
It’s time for a communication tool that brings together robust enterprise PBX services, voice and video conferencing, chat, presence, screen share and content management – using a PC/Mac, mobile device or industry standard SIP phone...

Stop paying too much for antiquated PBX hardware and servers that don’t deliver the communication services your employees need or want. Stop buying boxes that are too big or too small – Ribbon cloud services can grow or adjust with your business imperatives


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Some collaboration tools don’t seem to appreciate that organizations have diverse missions and include employees that don’t sit at desks or tweet for work.  Manufacturing, retail, medical and many other organizations have employees that aren’t tethered to a computer or even a smartphone.  The right communication tools must address both knowledge workers and task workers.  So whether you’re a busy executive or busy nurse in a hospital you need to be connected to be effective.  That includes delivering traditional communication services like call park, overhead paging, shared line appearances and more.  When you move your organization to the cloud you need a communication solution for every employee


Innovative client technology lowers the cost to deploy and manage clients. The Realtime Connections Client combines container technology and WebRTC to enable centralized management and consistent services across devices.

Pay only for
what you use

Don’t pay for bundles of services employees can’t use.  Combine the appropriate communication and collaboration elements based on the user’s role and need.

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Still need a desk phone?  Choose from a variety of industry standard (SIP) phones that work in concert with the mobile and desktop clients.  No more vendor lock-ins.

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A complete communication and collaboration solution

  • Enterprise PBX/Voice Calling
    • Multisite: Deliver the same services to HQ, branch offices and remote employees.  One employee directory, one experience.
    • Full featured: The telecom services organizations can simplify migration from premises PBXs
    • Worldwide support: Worldwide access and local dial tone in 80 countries
  • Video Calling and Conferencing
    • Point to point: Nonverbal communication represents two-thirds of all communications; instantly engage with co-workers
    • Multi-party video conference: Easily connect a cross-functional team across the globe to assure complete engagement
  • IM/ Presence & Directory
    • One directory:  The Realtime Connections Client uses the Connections Directory
    • Connections & Sametime: User have access to Connections and Sametime services via the Realtime Connections Client
  • Content Sharing - Meetings
    • IBM Meetings:  Launch Meetings seamlessly from the client!
    • Content sharing:  Share files, screens and more with the benefit of Connections policy controls
  • Superior Client Architecture
    • Innovative Omni Technology:  Reduces the cost to deploy and manage clients
    • Familiar experience:  Sametime users don’t need to be retrained
    • Authentication and Policy Controls
    • Access Control:  Users are automatically subject to existing authentication and content access controls

WHY Ribbon & Kandy?

Ribbon has been building cloud communication solutions before there was a cloud. How can that be? Simple, Ribbon solutions power over 700 communication service providers world-wide.  We also acquired Nortel’s carrier business, giving us access to some of the brightest and most experienced communication resources in the world.  It’s no surprise that the core of our Kandy Business Solutions cloud supports already supports over 21 million lines across the globe.  Our teams know how to build and support scalable, ultra-reliable communication services.  And they understand how important it is to migrate users without disrupting critical business processes.  So the next time someone says that your organization can move dozens of disparate PBXs to a cloud service with five voice features because “nobody uses those features anymore” remind them that “nobody” still has work to do.
Delivering a consistent communications and collaboration experience across devices in a multi-site environment can be resource intensive.  Every quarter there is an upgrade of at least one platform be it Mac, Windows, iOS or Android; just keeping up with mandatory upgrades is a full time task.  Ribbon’s Omni technology dramatically reduces deployment costs by combining WebRTC and client container technology. The result is clients that look and feel like a traditional client but are actually just thin shells that query a central resource to deliver a consistent UI across devices.

Enterprise class services

Robust collaboration tools meet enterprise voice and video – in the cloud

Replacing a premises PBX with a cloud service requires attention to detail.  Users can’t afford to lose the services they use to execute business processes. Ribbon’s Nortel heritage and our experience supporting some of the world’s largest enterprises means we have the people and expertise to migrate tens of thousands of users.

IBM & Ribbon give your employees access to a world-wide footprint that includes dial tone access in over 80 countries – so your team can deliver the same services to every site.  And since it is a cloud service mobile employees and teleworkers have access to the same services as office staff

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